Supporting our students


League is the Foundation's annual faculty and giving campaign. LEAGUE is an acronym for Leaders Establishing Annual Gifts Underwriting Education.Donations to the LEAGUE campaign support LLCC students through the LEAGUE grant program, scholarships and other funds, including the “Pay It Forward” fund which helps students with emergent needs. LEAGUE is an acronym for Leaders Establishing Gifts Underwriting Education. This year approximately 30 percent of LLCC faculty and staff contributed. Our thanks to our generous LLCC faculty and staff for donating nearly $47,000 to the LEAGUE campaign!

LEAGUE grants were announced at the LEAGUE kickoff.  Faculty and staff make these internal grants possible through their generous giving to LEAGUE. This year the following departments received awards:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography – A neonatal head phantom to help better prepare students in head ultrasound which is a difficult skill and can't be taught by didactic lecture alone. 
  • Health Professions, Radiology - Two portable IV/venipuncture training arms 
  • Health Professions, Respiratory Care Program - Premie neonatal simulator
  • Health Professions, Radiography - A CD series titled Patient Centered Care for Diverse Populations for better comprehension of taking care of different age groups and cultures
  • Accessibility Services - One additional exam reader pen
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality - To replace aging equipment and update technology in the Bistro Verde

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